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Baffled Tank Restraining Kits

Baffled Tank Restraining Kits

Our baffled tank restraining kits are crucial in enhancing the safety and stability of water storage tanks during transportation. By effectively immobilising the tankand minimising its movement, these kits prevent spills and leaks.

These kits are an essential component in the logistics and transportation industry.

We manufacture frames for all baffled water tank sizes, if you can see what you're looking for, give as call on 01763 261781.

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Water Tank Frames

Galvanised construction Our restraining kit is built to last, featuring a robust design with heavy-duty materials. The brackets are constructed from durable alloys and reinforced components, ensuring strength and reliability under various conditions

Safe and secure Designed to secure and restrain baffled tanks during transportation.

Easy lid access The frame position allows for easy access to the tank lid for maintenance or pump installation.

Outlet Access the water in your tank using the brass outlet located at the bottom of each tank.