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280 litre water butt sale 800 litre water butt sale

Security Bollards

Weather resistant and UV stable
Colour black (other available please enquire)
Steel core 114mm Dia - 3.25mm wall thickness
Steel core can be filled with concrete for added security
Height above ground 1000mm
Below ground 450mm
Bollard sleeve can be recycled

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Water Tanks

Oil tanks

Rainwater harvesting

Water Butts


Rainwater Harvesting

Lower your water bills

Rainwater Harvesting

You can collect rainware in many different ways, one by using a water butt connected to a down pipe via a down pipe connector. You can now use a submersible water pump to pump out the water or simply use a tap connected to the water butt. See our water butts

Another way is using an underground water tank which is larger than a normal water butt; the rainwater is collected in the same way by using the down pipe, only this time it is put through an underground large filter, then collected in the tank. Now you need to use the rainwater you've collected. You can install a submersible water pump then water your garden or you could install a domestic pumping unit that will allow you to flush your toilets ...etc.

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Water Butts

Watering the garden has never been so stylish

Water Butts

At Ecosure we have a wide range of water butts ideal for all gardens. We have a range of slimline water butts which are ideal for sliding next to greenhouses, garden sheds or brick walls.

All Ecosure water butts come with either a ¾" or a 1" BSP outlet. We also add an 8" vented lid to the water butts so you have the option of installing a submersible water pump.

Our newest range of water butts is the EcoPillar range. A range of TALL water butts which can hold a lot of water in a small footprint in your garden.

All our water butts are made from MDPE a strong durable and weather resistant plastic which can be recycled

Read more about our water butts

Bunded Oil Tanks

Bunded Oil Tanks

Ideal for domestic heating oil

Ecosure bunded oil tanks are rotationally moulded from a one piece form to provide seamless, environmentally friendly unit that is cost effective.

We know security is paramount with regard to keeping your oil safe, every bunded oil tank comes fitted with a hasp and staple which can be used with a padlock help keep your oil safe.

Under the lockable lid on each tank, you will find a 2" male overfill prevention valve and inspection cap. There is also a yellow bung which can be removed to add a level gauge if required.

We provide tanks for above and below ground use for the following sectors:-

  • Agricultural
  • Domestic Market
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Industrial use

Underground Water Tanks

Underground Water Tanks

We have a great selection of underground water tanks, from 280 to 14,000 litres. These are ideal for rainwater harvesting systems.

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View our rainwater harvesting systems

Spill Containment

New to this site are the spill kits. These are the latest spillage control units that are around today.

The spill control units are built using hard durable plastics with detachable sumps to catch liquids or to keep wet Densorb materials contained. To see our full range of bunded oil tanks, single skin oil tanks and all our other products, download our PDF catalogue.

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Log Stores Log Stores

Come and see our range of Log Stores.

Add a little style to your fireplace by adding one of our stylish log store's. These would also look great next to your chiminea or fire pit

Available in a range of colours and styles, a log store would make a perfect gift for someone or just as an addition to your home.

View our log holders here

At Ecosure we manufactured a wide range of eco friendly home and commercial products, including garden water butts, (large or small, Steel or Plastic) single skin oil tanks, bunded oil tanks, waste oil tanks, water tanks, fuel dispensers,underground tanks and drum pallets/bunds with spill wells. We also provide bulk liquid storage tanks, IBC bunds and safety flooring.

Come and see our selection of rainwater harvesting systems, ideal for both your home and garden needs. We also have systems for agricultural and commercial use.

All our products comply with the latest standards and regulations and are completely environmentally safe. Whatever type of storage you are looking for you can be assured that we can provide it for you without compromising on standards or safety.

Ecosure Product Range

Oil Tanks
Water Butts
Water Tanks

Oil Tanks

Water Butts

Water Tanks

Water butt accessories Underground water tanks
Rainwater Harvesting
Garden Planters Fuel Dispensers

Rainwater Harvesting

Garden Planters

Fuel Dispensers

BioDiesel Tanks

Spill Containment

Bio Diesel Tanks

IBC Bunds
View all Spill Containment

AgriculturalAgricultural tanks

Find all the agricultural storage tanks and dispensers you'll need right here. Whether you're an arable or cattle farmer, we're sure to have a storage tank suitable for you.

Click our section links below to view our agricultural tanks.

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Fertilizer Tanks Sprayer Tanks
Molasses Tanks Red Diesel Dispensers
Water Trough Milk Tank
Mobile Fuel Tanks  



Large water tanks

Ecosure 2500 Litre Water Tank 5000 Litre Water Tank

7000 litre water tank

10,000 litre water tank
2500 litre water tank 5000 litre water tank 7000 litre water tank 10,000 litre water tank
15,000 Litre Water Tank 20000 Litre Water Tank 25000 Litre Water Tank  
15,000 litre water tank 20,000 litre water tank 25,000 litre water tank  

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