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Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rising utility bills, reduction of running costs and environmental implications are just three reasons for investing in a Rainwater Harvesting system. 50% of domestic and up to 85% of non-domestic mains water can be replaced in this way. Rainwater Harvesting is a key component to reach compliance within the Code for Sustainable Homes to reduce overall water consumption.

Additionally, rainwater re-use scores high accreditation in the Water Efficiency sector of the BREEAM schemes and can help with gaining planning permission by meeting site drainage requirements (Building Regulations Part H) as part of a sustainable drainage (SuDS) scheme.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

TanksRainwater Tanks

Collect rainwater straight from your house roof, garden shed or greenhouse with one of our Rainwater Tanks. Learn more about rainwater tanks

Aboveground Rainwater Harvesting EasyConnect garden systems

No digging required, simply connect the water butt to your downpipe and connect the water pump to the water butt - done. Multiple tank systems available.

Learn more about this system

Garden Rainwater
Harvesting EasyHydro garden systems

Simplicity is the key to this system. Designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind, step-by-step guidelines are provided to ensure this system is up and running quickly.

Learn more about this system

Home & Garden Rainwater HarvestingSuperComplete garden and home systems

Suitable for applications, the underground filter removes debris before the water is discreetly stored in an underground water tank. The external pump allows water to be reused around the home.

Learn more about this system

Agricultural Rainwater
Harvesting Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting System

Harvesting and using rainwater can reduce the quantity of water entering a slurry store, running across fouled yards, or entering a dirty water tank. This can mean a reduction in slurry store size and will reduce the amounts of dirty water you need to dispose of, resulting in cost savings.

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Commercial Rainwater
Harvesting Commercial Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater can be used for manufacturing processes and, because it is naturally soft and limescale-free, machinery is protected from damaging deposits. Harvested water can be used for ground maintenance, fleet and machinery washing, toilet flushing or machine wash-downs.

Learn more about these systems.

Rainwater Harvesting
Accessories Rainwater Harvesting Accessories

Accessories for your rainwater harvesting systems including water pumps, filters and general fittings.

Learn more about these accessories.

Ecosure Easy Connect Rainwater Harvesting System - UK Made

Watch the product video we created for the Easy Connect Rainwater Harvesting System. Learn about its advantages and features.

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Quick Rainwater Calculator

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