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Water Footprint

When it suddenly rains and those tiny drops of water fall in the palms of your hands it’s almost refreshing after weeks of no rain and everywhere is bone dry. It’s at that very moment you appreciate rain and you start thinking about how much as humans we need and rely on water. It makes […]

Stagnate Rainwater in Water Butts

  What is stagnate water? It is water that has been allowed to grow bacteria and attracts patasites and insects such as dragonflies, flies and mosquitos. This happens when rainwater is left standing for a long period of time. Often this is the case when you move into a new property and you venture out […]

City Water Garden Flying Off The Shelves

Once again, this Spring has proved very popular with our City Water Garden with more than double the amount going out the door than this time last year. The recent hot weather over the last few weeks has prompted many people to start collect their own rainwater to keep their garden look healthy through these […]

NEW 10000 Litre Water Tank – Non Potable

We have just released our NEW 10,000 litre water tank. Smaller foot print We have designed this water tank to have smaller foot print to take up less room. This does mean it taller than our standard 10,000 litre. This smaller diameter means it is easier to transport to anywhere in the UK and easier […]

Baffled water tanks

Our baffled water tanks are ideal for Mobile Car Valeters, Window Cleaners or Wheelie Bin Cleaners. They are suitable for internal and external vehicular use, the semi translucent polymer means that the water level is always visible. The fixed baffle(s) is essential when transporting large volumes of water; it disrupts the water flow, improving handling […]

Spring has sprung!

Despite the cold weather and threat of more wintery weather on the cards, Spring has finally sprung! It’s that time of year when we all start thinking about our gardens. At Ecosure we have formed a list of the essential things you can be doing to kick-start your garden this year. Order your summer-flowering bulbs […]

Hertfordshire residents urged to use water only if “essential”

Hertfordshire based Affinity Water are urging customers to use “as little (water) as possible” this morning. Following last weeks extreme temperatures, water pipes in the region are bursting as they thaw. Last night Affinity Water, Thames Water, Southern Water and South East Water asked if customers could limit their water usage while things get back […]

Cereals Arable Event – 13th & 14th June

Join over 20,000 farmers, agronomists and industry professionals 13th & 14th June Chrishall Grange Duxford Cambridgeshire for the arable industry’s leading technical event. Come and see us at Stand No 201  

About Water Butts

Using a water butt to collect rainwater can be very rewarding and could potentially save you a lot of money. Their style has changed a lot over the years and with a greater colour range now available – finding the right water butt for your garden has never been easier. Sizing Only you know how […]

Spill Containment Factory Packs Now Available

You can now save money on bulk purchases of spill containment pallets with our NEW Factory Packs. The Factory Packs we have created come from most bought selections of our spill containment range. These packs provide a big savings on delivery.