Spill Control

This Autumn & Winter we want to highlight the importance of spill control and by having the right equipment can prevent harmful chemicals leaking into the environment and causing potential health hazards not only to ourselves but the wildlife.

Large industries and heavy manufacturing businesses use all kinds of chemicals within their manufacturing process and not all these chemicals are safe to humans and generally they have to be contained and stored in protective environments.

In the event of a spillage or accident where these chemicals could potentially leak or spill, it could cause all kinds of dangers and health risks. For example, if these chemicals leaked while transporting them, they could leak into the drains, rivers or streams. So the importance of spill control is highly important that in the case of an emergency that everything is dealt with and prevented as quickly and as safely as possible.

Oil is one of the most common spillages whether it’s from a ship, oil tank or any other type of transportation it can be a problem if the spillage is not cleaned up. We have seen the evidence in our marine life what oil has done to our seawaters killing fish and birds. It can have long lasting effects and kill animals. At Ecosure we have our own range of spill kits that are designed for different case scenarios for businesses, farming and agricultural purposes all across the UK. We provide a variety of IBC containers which range in size and capacity, IBC Bund Pallets, spill trays, emergency HGV sets and factory packs all sold widely throughout the UK.