Water Footprint

When it suddenly rains and those tiny drops of water fall in the palms of your hands it’s almost refreshing after weeks of no rain and everywhere is bone dry. It’s at that very moment you appreciate rain and you start thinking about how much as humans we need and rely on water. It makes you start to think about water and how we use it and how we can save it and get through those dry spells.

Apart from obviously drinking water we use water for so many things that you don’t realise. For instance water is used in manufacturing so many products that you and I take for granted and use every day. The next time you pick up your smart phone I bet you didn’t realise that water is used in manufacturing a piece of technology? According to friends of the earth almost 13 tonnes of water is used to make a single smart phone. That’s a lot of water when you think about how many smartphones are sold each year worldwide. Water is used widely for so many other manufacturing purposes, fabricating industries, transportation, cooling systems the list is goes on and on. Each time you walk into a shoe shop I bet you didn’t realise that approximately 14,503 Litres of water is used to make leather boots. This was according to the results founded by friends of the earth on our water footprint.

The results are shocking on how much water we use that’s not for drinking water. So how can we as a nation shrink our own water footprint? Well let’s think about what we use water for. We use water in our homes when we flush the toilet, take a bath; put the dishwasher on and turn the garden hose on. Ways in which we can save water could be by having a water efficient toilet, having a shower rather than a bath, checking for leaks as they can not only happen and waste water but they can be costly especially if unknown about. Purchase a water butt or water tank for rainwater collection to feed and use in the garden and have a dishwasher rather than washing by hand. Boil only the water you will use to make a drink, turn off the taps when cleaning your teeth and steam your veggies. Maybe think about having a water metre this will give you an idea of how much water you are using and where to make cuts if need be.

Water is used in farming and agricultural and is also used to make the very food we eat. Meat and anything which is animal product related has a large consumption of water which is required. Eating less meat will reduce your own water footprint, however as humans we need to eat and meat is a part of our diets unless your vegetarian or vegan. Knowing the facts can always help you make your own mind up on water use and cutting down. So what else we you do? Other than being Self-sufficient with our own water use in around the home and making small lifestyle changes we can recycle and reduce in the daily products that we use. As there are many other products such as products made by plastic which again uses a high percentage of water in the manufacturing process.

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