Water Saving in a Heatwave

This heat wave has lasted a lot longer than we predicted it would! Most of our gardens are now representing brown straw for grass with a dry earthy soil and although we are trying our best to keep our plants watered, its hard and costly to keep it all looking as green and healthy.  Secretly we are all praying for a rainfall and it’s just not happening at the moment.  So what can we do to help? Well there are a few things we can do to help the situation, but firstly we need to be in the mind set to be considerate with water usage and make sure that water is not being wasted in anyway.  So always check that your taps are not leaking and pipe connections are secure.

Then secondly my advice is why not save your own water with a water butt. Not only would it provide you with water to feed your garden in the case of a hose pipe ban, but it could be used to so many jobs and garden maintenance that requires water. In these dry periods like now we take water for granted and don’t realise how much we rely on mains water.  If we were to have a hose pipe ban then we would have a lot of restrictions on how to use our water. For example everyone would be advised to take showers rather than baths and you would not be allowed to fill up swimming pools, ponds etc.
so why not be a few steps ahead of the game? Water butts now come in all shapes and sizes and don’t even have to look like a water butt. They can simply be stored and take up little ground footprint in any size garden.  With a water butt you’re in control of how much water you save and use. You can make it work for you!

It’s in heat waves and hose pipe bans where rainwater harvesting really holds its own and making people self-sufficient. Setting up a rainwater harvesting system sounds a challenge to most people but there are many systems available and it’s all about personal choice on how much water you are looking to save and what for. Different types of systems include garden rainwater harvesting systems which are set up to feed your garden. There are domestic systems which run into your home. The domestic systems are designed to use appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and flushing the toilet. Rainwater Harvesting is a massive saving in water bills and you will see the difference with your out goings on water once the system is in place.

Etills is based in Cambridge and manufactures a wide range of water saving products which include water butts, large water storage tanks and rainwater harvesting systems ideal for both the domestic market and commercial.

“We have come close to a hose pipe ban a few times in the past few weeks and everywhere is so dry. Our water butts are flying out the door and people are realising how important it is to save and store water ”. Jon James Sales Manager at Etills ltd.





Article By Cheryl Davis