Stagnate Rainwater in Water Butts


What is stagnate water?

It is water that has been allowed to grow bacteria and attracts patasites and insects such as dragonflies, flies and mosquitos. This happens when rainwater is left standing for a long period of time. Often this is the case when you move into a new property and you venture out into the garden to see what the old tenants have left you.

If the property has been left empty for a while, it may be worth emptying the water butt completely and starting over.

How to keep water from stagnating?

One easiest ways to prevent water from becoming stagnate is to use it. Yes, it’s that simple, by emptying your water butt on a regular basis will mean it can be topped up with fresh rainwater.

While your water butt is empty, it is also a good time to give it a clean out if you find you are collecting a lot of debris.

Another option to keep your rainwater fresh, clean and odour free is to use a FreshaTank antimicrobial disc. These work on a ratio of 1 disc to every 90 litres. The pure microbial silver coating kills fungal, viral and bacterial microbes on contact.

However, FreshaTank does not replace the need for usual regular maintenance.

Can I use stagnate rainwater on my plants?

If you water via the soil i.e. not over the green leaves and flowers then yes it should be OK. However, it is not recommended that you use stagnate water in pot plants. Should the water remain there for even longer, it will stagnate further.

My water butt stinks, is that normal?

Yes, stagnate water can be very smelly. If your water butt has a lid then use it, this will reduce the smell until you empty it.

Can I use stagnate water to water my fruit and veg?

As a rule, we would NOT recommend not using stagnate water on fruit and veg.