City Water Garden Flying Off The Shelves

Once again, this Spring has proved very popular with our City Water Garden with more than double the amount going out the door than this time last year.

The recent hot weather over the last few weeks has prompted many people to start collect their own rainwater to keep their garden look healthy through these dry periods.

The City Water Garden is a good choice for most gardens as its large bowl transforms this standard water butt into an elegant garden planter.

Like all Ecosure Water Butts, the City Water Garden is pre-fitted with brass outlets rather than supplying plastic fittings which can turn brittle and snap over time. There are two outlets featured on this product – one is located on the front which is at the perfect height for water cans, the other is located at the back and is at the very bottom of the water butt. This outlet can be used to connect to an irrigation system or simple to drain-off the remaining rainwater.

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Another of our best sellers this Spring has been the Wall Hung Water Butt. Its simple design and easy installation has made this product very popular.

Where is space is limited, this convenient and stylish water butt has been the answer to many peoples problems when collecting rainwater. To make things easier we pre-mould a 1/2″ BSP outlet ready for a brass tap.

To make the installation as easy as possible, we give you the freedom to drill your own inlet for the downpipe diverter.

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