About Water Butts

Using a water butt to collect rainwater can be very rewarding and could potentially save you a lot of money.

Their style has changed a lot over the years and with a greater colour range now available – finding the right water butt for your garden has never been easier.


Only you know how much water you use in your garden. However to help you gauge your average water usage, below is a table of our water butts and we’ve compared them to their equivalent number of 9ltr watering cans.

Water Butt
No of 9ltr watering cans
 Wall mounted
 105 litres
 280 Slimline
 280 Litres
 350 Compact
 350 Litres
 400 Super Slimline
 400 Litres
 500 Slimline
 500 Litres
 500 Wide
 500 Litres
 650 Slimline
 650 Litres
 750 Slimline
 750 Litres
 800 Pillar
 800 Litres
 1000 Litres
1275 Litres

Looking for bigger? – Did you know we also manufacture a range of water storage tanks from 75 litre up to 25,000 litres for both potable and non-potable storage? These are black as standard but other colours are available.


Water butts don’t have to be round – we have three different styles of water butt: Slimline, Pillar and Water Butt Planter, each to accommodate various garden sizes and types.

Each style is available in a range of colours including: Sandstone, Green Marble, Green, Black and our most popular, Millstone Grit.


These space saving water butts are designed to take up less space in the garden. Their flat sides are perfect sliding against garden shed and garages.





The ultimate space saving water butts. This range has the smallest footprint to capacity ratio in our range. The range come with three outlets – the raised outlet on the front of the water is perfect for filling a watering can. The other two are located in the bottom corners on each of the two narrowest sides.




Water Butt Planter

Our latest water butt also doubles as a stylish garden planter that you won’t want to hide away.  It has a raised outlet at the front, perfect for filling your watering can and a bottom outlet allowing you to completely drain its contents.

View water butt planters









Average stats

Material: MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene)

Capacity: 105 – 1275 litres

Access/Lid: 9” vented screwdown

Outlet: ½” to 1” BSP


  • Ecosure water butts are made from an impact and weather resistant material called MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene). This industrial grade plastic will withstand even the harshest winters.
  • Each water butts come pre-moulded with a brass outlet – the size of which will depend on the capacity of your water butt.
  • All our water butts have 9” vented lid fitted as standard – unless otherwise stated.
  • None of our water butts are designed to hold potable water. Follow this link if you need to store potable/drinking water.

Maintenance & care

Generally speaking water butts require very little maintenance except a clean out of debris such as leafs, twigs and moss. You can reduce the amount of debris that enters your water butt by installing a downpipe filter diverter or by installing a Gutter Brush.



So you’ve collected your rainwater – now you need to access it.

The connection type that we most commonly sell is a Brass Tap Kit. This consists of a ½” brass tap, a reducing nut and a roll of PTFE tap.

Another popular connection kit is the Shut-off Valve kit. This kit consists of a quarter turn valve, a straight connector and a roll of PTFE The quarter turn valve is ideally suited for lower draw off connections. These are also very popular with irrigation systems.


Water Butt Stands

To maximise the capacity of our slimlines, we have placed the brass threaded outlet at the very bottom of the narrowest side of each water butt. To enable you use a watering can, you will need to raise the water butt off the floor.

We have designed unique water butt stands laser cut from high quality mild steel then powder coated. Each stand has an outlet point cut out of it.

Available in three styles: Circles, Gothic and Modern. These stands are made specifically for Ecosure water butts.