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2000Litre Highway Tow Bunded Fuel Bowser Twin Axle

2000Litre Highway Tow Bunded Fuel Bowser Twin Axle

Built in accordance with the ADR fuel transportation regulations and with full U.N. certification, the 2000 litre twin axle bunded highway bowser is an ideal solution for transporting diesel on the road. The fully bunded tank is constructed from steel throughout and is seated on a tough galvanised tubular steel chassis. Highway specific features include handbrake and hydraulically damped
overrun braked hitch, with mudguards, lights and high speed specification twin axles and tyres. The inner tank features a baffled design to ensure the tank is stable when on the road. The delivery equipment and inlets/outlets to the inner tank are housed in a secure, lockable cabinet at the rear of the tank. A high-flow hand pump (flow rate 80 litres/min) and 1/2" BSP generator feed and return connections are fitted as standard.

Fuel Bowser Features

  • For use with diesel, gas oil and kerosene
  • 2,000 litre (440 gallon) capacity
  • U.N. approved IBC fully complies with new regulations
  • 110% bunded in accordance with environmental regulations
  • Tough all steel construction
  • Lockable cabinet housing pumping equipment
  • Tough galvanised tubular steel chassis fitted with rear bumper and galvanised mudguards
  • 3500kg Bradley hitch with overrun brake linkage, handbrake and heavy duty jockey wheel
  • Twin Bradley Voyager 1800kg auto reverse braked axles with 205 R16 wheels and tyres
  • Fully compliant trailer lighting system incorporating side marker lights and 7 pin plug connection
  • GPI HP-100 alloy bodied hand pump (flow rate 80 litres/min) with 4m hose and trigger
  • Fuel filter with clear plastic bowl, water drain and replaceable element
  • Rotary tank contents gauge; Safety pressure relief valve and automatic suction breather
  • Shot blasted to SA 2.5 and painted in 2-pack polyurethane finish

  • Capacity
    Litres / gallons
    Empty weight
    Full weight
    2000 / 440 3717 1800 1773 1150 2890