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Best Water Butts in 2022 - all UK made

We supply a wide range of raised beds UK manufactured using high quality galvanised steel. Each raised beds comes kit form with easy to follow assembly instructions.

Unlike wooden raised beds, galvanised beds will not rot and breakdown over time. Available in plain galvanised or a powder-coated finish. Each bed comes with a 10 year structural guarantee.

Easy to assemble, our raised beds come in kit form and fit together using nuts and bolts. Very few tools are required making the ideal for the DIY gardener. Our raised beds come in three different heights 300mm, 450mm and 600mm and are available in various sizes.

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Best water butts

1. Big City Water Butt Planter - Millstone

Our Big City Water Butt Planter is by far our best selling water butt.

Not only can you collect a large volume of rainwater but also create a beautiful floral display.

Its front raised outlet is perfect for filling watering cans and the lower outlet, located at the rear, is designed to empty the reservoir completely.

2. 525 Litre Compact Water Butt - Millstone

With its completly removable lid, it is easy to see why this 525 litre is a very popular water butt.

Located at the front of the water butt is a raised 3/4'' outlet suitable for connecting a standard brass tap, positioned at a perfect height for filling a watering can.

3. 800 Litre Pillar Water Butt - Sandstone

4. City Water Butt Planter - Millstone


5. Metropolitan Water Butt Planter - Millstone