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Standard Downpipe Diverter

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Downpipe Diverter 1275 litre water tank

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Rainwater Downpipe Diverter

Ref: DPD

Capture and utilise rainwater, which would otherwise be wasted, for watering plants, gardening, or other non-potable water needs. By diverting rainwater from the downpipe into a water butt, the diverter helps to conserve water and reduce the demand on municipal water supplies.

16.16 ex VAT

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16.16 ex VAT

Downpipe diverters are relatively easy to install and can be a cost-effective solution for collecting and reusing rainwater. They contribute to sustainable water management practices and can help reduce water bills and minimise the environmental impact of water usage.

Suitable for

  • 68mm Round
  • 65mm Square
  • Collecting rainwater for plants
  • Reducing flooding