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Raised Beds | Raised Flower Beds - Raised Vegetable Beds - UK Made

We supply a wide range of raised beds UK manufactured using high quality galvanised steel. Each raised beds comes kit form with easy to follow assembly instructions.

Unlike wooden raised beds, galvanised beds will not rot and breakdown over time. Available in plain galvanised or a powder-coated finish. Each bed comes with a 10 year structural guarantee.

Easy to assemble, our raised beds come in kit form and fit together using nuts and bolts. Very few tools are required making the ideal for the DIY gardener. Our raised beds come in three different heights 300mm, 450mm and 600mm and are available in various sizes.

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Raised Beds

Easily grow fruit and veg

Raised garden beds are a great way growing plants, fruit and vegetables. Carrots, parsnips and turnips are ideal root vegetables to grow in raised beds. These beds are ideal for protecting your soil and seeds being compacted by direct foot traffic.

Choose the right soil

Most UK gardens don't have sufficient nutrients to grow fruit and vegetables well. Using a raised bed allows you to choose the right soil for your fruit and veg to produce better quality and healthier plants.

Create an instant garden

  • Easy to create an instant garden
  • British design & manufacture
  • Quickly create beautiful floral displays
  • Excellent protection from weeds and animals
  • Robust, heavy duty product; industrial strength
  • High impact strength
  • 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Raised bed benefits

  • There is no need to dig over the soil - a process which is thought to damage the soil's natural structure.
  • Weeds are reduced. By creating a barrier between the growing area and the natural surroundings, there is less chance for weed seeds to spread.
  • Soil compaction, which is so damaging to soil structure and plant growth, is reduced. Soil in containers is rarely walked on, making it excellent for both plant and soil health.
  • Soil erosion is also reduced.
  • Yields are increased; raised beds are the perfect setups for closer clustered plantings.
  • Soil is contained and kept away from path or buildings.
  • Compost, mulches, manures and other soil conditioners can be layered to improve soil quality, reducing the need for fertiliser.
  • It is easier to improve drainage, a real boon if your garden has heavy clay soil or a high water table. Plants have at least another foot of breathing space above wet conditions. Raised beds drain better too.
  • Line with waterproof membrane to improve water retention in sandy conditions.
  • Raised beds over 300mm reduce debilitating back and joint pain
  • They look great - the clearly defined edges make the surrounding area easier to maintain
  • It is easier to keep out pests. Slugs and snails can climb, but they are easier to spot and deterrents can be used. Larger animals can be kept out with fencing and bird barriers are easier to install.
  • Raised beds can be planted earlier in the season. The soil dries and warms more quickly in spring. Also many plants will overwinter more successfully if the soil is untilled and enriched with compost.
  • Raised beds can be moved, if you need to move them.
  • Raised beds are ideal for children or inexperienced gardeners. Although there is higher initial investment, the effort required is reduced and the chances of success are improved.

Popular Raised Beds

Take a look at our most popular raised beds. All UK manufactured from high quality galvanised steel.

Installation video guide

Watch our easy to follow, step-by-step assembly guide for the Raised Beds.

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