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Rainwater Harvesting - Aquaprof Pumping Unit

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Aquaprof is a complete and pre-assembled system for using rainwater in one or two-family houses. The system comprises a recyclabe polyethilene console, a completely automatic electronic control unit, three-way automatic valve and electropump EuroInox 30/50 M or EuroInox 40/50 M series. Supplied with wall bracket as a standard and float switch with 20 mt of cable for Aquaprof Basic version, or probe sensor level with 20 mt. of cable for Aquaprof TOP.

• Protection Level: IP 42

• Working ambient temperature: min. +5°C - max. +40°C

• Max. Flow: 80 lt/min.

• Max. Head: 42,2 m. (Aquaprof 30/50) 57,7 m. (Aquaprof 40/50)

• Liquid temperature range: from + 5°C up to +35°C

• Max. Working pressure of the system: 6 bar (600kPA)

• Max. Pressure of main supply line: 4 bar (400kPA)

• Max. Height of working uses: 15 meters

• Potable water connector: 3/4”

• pump suction and delivery ports 1”