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Rainwater Tank Level Gauge

Ref: LiquiLevelST

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Rainwater Tank Level Gauge for above ground rainwater storage tanks

  • No electricity or battery required.
  • Indicates accurately the true level, unlike other gauges that read back to front.
  • The option of guide wire system to keep the level indicator plumb and prevent from swaying in strong winds.
  • Stainless Steel, polypropylene construction.
  • Easy to install with installation instructions and template provided.
  • No need to drain existing tank to install.
  • No side wall connections required.
  • 3 different options to suit a wide variety of both plastic and steel storage tanks.

Operation of the LiquiLevel ST is by means of a float ball which moves up and down on top of the liquid inside the tank. The float is connected by a Polyester cord which runs through a simple pulley and counterweight system. The chemical resistant counterweight inside the tank ensures the Level indicator always stays the same level as the liquid stored within the tank, thus showing the true liquid level.

System Kit

  • 5mtr/10 metre Wire kit c/w M6 x 45mm
  • Threaded male fastener.
  • 1 Gripple adjustable Gripple Fastener.
  • 2 M6 St. St. Hex Nuts & Washers.
  • M6 X 73mm Eyebolt ground shield anchor (for masonry base fixing)
  • M6 x 20mm Black Eyebolt and Nut.
  • Installation instructions.