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175L Mobile Adblue Transfer Tank c/w Auto Nozzle & Flowmeter

175L Mobile Adblue Transfer Tank c/w Auto Nozzle & Flowmeter

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Adblue Transfer Tank c/w Auto Nozzle & Flowmeter


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804.99 ex tax
Suitable for Urea

This top-of-the-range Ecosure AdBlue 175 litre transfer tank comes complete with with automatic nozzle and flowmeter. It is a lightweight, compact and safe way to transfer AdBlue on the go.

This rugged system means you no longer have to carry multiple smaller containers that are prone to leaking and spilling. Ideal for the back of a van, trailer or truck, the integrated pump, delivery hose and nozzle allow you to transfer Urea/AdBlue on the go. The automatic nozzle helps to prevent overfilling and the flowmeter allows you to keep track of the amount of urea you have dispensed.

To protect the dispensing equipment from accidental damage and rainwater ingress, choose the optional hinged lid.

Transfer tank comes complete with:

  • 175 litre MDPE self contained tank
  • Integral delivery nozzle holder
  • Integral filling tube
  • Integral ventilation with pressure relief
  • Integral forklift slots
  • Integral carrying handle
  • 12v/24v electric pump - 35 litres/min flow
  • 4m filling hose
  • Automatic nozzle
  • Digital flowmeter

Dimensions H:470mm x W:650mm x L:840mm
Fill Point 2" Fill Point
Weight 30kg
Nozzle Automatic
Flowmeter Digital Flowmeter
Delivery hose 4m
Capacity 175 litres / 38.5 gal

Made in Britain