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K33 1'' Flow Meter

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K33 and K44 are nutating-disk meters that measure the exact quantity of the dispensed fuel or lubricant. They are designed for non-commercial use only. These flow-meters are reliable, inexpensive, easy to install and simple to calibrate on the workplace. The Pulser model is fitted with a pulse emitter for connection to a fuel management system.
Thanks to reduced flow resistance, they can also function by gravity.

Performance Specifications

• Flow-rate (range): 20÷120 l/min (5,3÷32 gal/min).
• Precision: ±1% of flow range after calibration.
• Repeatability: 0,2%.
• Max. operating pressure: 10 bar (142 psi).
• Bursting pressure: 30 bar (426 psi).
• Readout system:
- K33, 3-digit subtotals (max 999 litres), 6-digit totals.
- K44, 4-digit subtotals (max 9999 litres), 7-digit totals.
• Resolution: 0.1 litre.
• Pulser card type: “Open collector”, frequency: 10 pulses/litre, power supply: 6-24 V DC, max 10 mA.