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Easy HYDRO Rainwater Harvesting System 1500 litre

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Easy HYDRO Rainwater Harvesting System 1500 litre

Ref: ECOhydro1500

EasyHYDRO System includes

  • 1 x Underground rainwater tank
  • 1 x Amphibious water pump
  • 1 x Walk-on removable lid
  • 1 x Extended neck
  • 1 x In-line filter box
  • 1 x 25m of 25mm Rainwater Harvesting Pipe
  • 1 x Outside tap wall mounting
  • 1 x " brass tap

1,499.99 INC VAT
1,249.99 EX VAT

Delivery: 10.20 inc VAT
(8.50 ex VAT)

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System details

This is our easiest underground rainwater harvesting system to setup. Simply lower the submersible water pump into the water tank and connect to an outside tap.

Tank benefits

Ultra-low in height, our 1500 litre underground water tank is perfect for those with high water tables or generally difficult digging conditions.

Each tank is fitted with a 16'' manhole access lid. Although not predrilled, inlet and outlets can be made anyway on the tank. Located at the bottom is a sump perfect for installing a water pump.

  • ULTRA-LOW dig - for high water tables
  • Compatible with UK standard 4" (110mm) pipe fittings
  • Connect multiple tanks together using 4" drainage pipe
  • Rotationally moulded for strength and durability
  • 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Water Pump

The HydroForce Series 3 is an electronically-controlled, pressure-sensitive, submersible, centrifugal roto-dynamic pump with no reciprocating parts. Max head (nominal) 35 metres, pump pressure (nominal) at outlet 3.5 bar, max suction 3 metres.

Underground Filter

Made from the same high-quality MDPE as the underground water tank, the filter box can be installed anywhere along the inlet pipe between the tank and the down pipe. Ensure you can gain access to the filter for cleaning. Please note that the filter box lid is designed to withstand foot traffic only.

Water tank dimensions

Dimensions H:950mm xW:1200mm x L:2400mm
Outlet 4"
Weight 100kg
Lid 16" Lid
Capacity 1500 litres