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CalUltra 22 - UV Mounted Kit

CalUltra 22 - UV Mounted Kit


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22 Litre - Mounted UV Filter Kit


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779.98 ex tax

CalUltra is an ultraviolet disinfection unit. Its purpose is to disinfect your water supply by killing any bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and algae that may be present. It is typically used in properties that have their own private water supply, for example dairy farms. CalUltra is also an effective way to combat legionella.

CalUltra works by passing water through a pre-filter system, CalHouse S or CalMax S depending on the size of the unit, water then goes into the ultra violet (UV) chamber. Within the chamber the water is exposed to UV light. The UV bulb is held within a quartz sleeve. Once exposed to the UV light the bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and algae are rendered dead.

Most common bacteria and viruses require an average exposure of between 4,000 and 12,000uWsec/cm2 to ensure their destruction. All Calmag UV systems operate at 30,000uWsec/cm2 giving them an over kill rating of 2.5.

The unit comes with a ballast system that gives the remaining life of the UV bulb in days. This ensures that the bulb is replaced once its effectiveness diminishes.

UV disinfection advantages

  • No chlorine required
  • No taste or odour emitted
  • Easily fitted and maintained
  • Environmentally friendly