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Big City Water Butt Planter - Blue (Ref 156)

Big City Water Butt Planter - Blue (Ref 156)

Water Butt Bottom draw off City System Includes

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Big City Water Butt Planter - Factory seconds Blue (Ref 156)

Ref: 156

Please note this item contains manufacturing defects. It dips at the front which can be seen in photo.

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This item is a factory seconds which means it may have manufacturing defects or contain damage due to storage. Please see photos before purchasing this item.

Please note this item contains manufacturing defects. It dips at the front which can be seen in photo

Go large with this Ecosure Big City water butt planter! Ideal for the keen gardener, the extra-large reservoir collects plenty of naturally soft rainwater, whilst the small footprint means that it takes up very little space. It doubles as an elegant planter - so it looks beautiful too. Change the planting from season to season to ensure all-year-round interest.

We provide everything you need to set up the Ecosure Big City (except a drill). The high quality brass tap fits into the raised threadform and can be used to fill a watering can. A shut of valve with hose connector is supplied for the bottom back outlet. It also allows you to drain the reservoir completely. We even supply the drill bit to enable you to fit the standard rainwater diverter.

The Big City is UK designed and manufactured. The polymer used in its manufacture is guaranteed frost-proof and is fully recyclable. The latest UV stabilisation technology means that the colours will not fade. Choose from the more traditional mottled shades, or go for a bright statement colour - loud and proud.

Water butt planter details
Overall Dimensions H:1480mm x D:675mm
Base Diameter 520mm
Bowl Dimensions H:175mm x D:570mm
Weight 15kg
Front Outlet " BSP
Rear Outlet / Linking Point " BSP
Bowl capacity 40 Litres
Reservoir capacity 380 Litres

Do I need a Guttermate Filter Diverter?

The standard rainwater diverter is included in the package - and works efficiently. If the water from your roof contains debris (like leaves, twigs, moss, pine needles), we would recommend that you upgrade to the Guttermate Filter Diverter, which catches the debris in a small, easy to clean basket, allowing you to collect clean rainwater. As the Metropolitan is a sealed unit, it is tricky to remove this debris once it has entered your butt.