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AdBlue IBC Bund - Bund Only

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AdBlue IBC Bund Pallet


  • Suitable for the storage of AdBlue/Urea
  • Designed for industrial use
  • Made from recyclable polyethylene (available on request)
  • Regulation compliant
  • 'Safety First' Designs
  • Forkliftable

PLEASE NOTE: Bund only, pump supplied separately

586.80 ex VAT

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  • Estimated delivery: 5-10 working days.
  • Shipping charges: Price includes 0.00+VAT delivery. Collection available, call for details.

586.80 ex VAT

If youre storing chemicals or other liquids in an IBC container, then you should be using an IBC bund to catch drips or leaks.

We manufacture the Ecosure range of Single IBC bunds from environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE), which is ideal for the storage of various acids and alkalis, as well as oils and non-combustible cleaning chemicals. This tough, durable, long-lasting plastic is strong enough to withstand the odd bump from a forklift.

Each bund will support 1600 kg and is ideally suited for the storage of liquids with a maximum specific gravity of 1.4, depending on the weight of each IBC.

Lifting points for forklifts allow for easy maneuvering or repositioning, whilst strengthening ribs give maximum support.


We can manufacture our Ecosure IBC bunds in any colour to suit your companys requirements. Different colours can be used to identify the contents of the IBC container.

IBC details

IBC Dimensions
Height 980mm
Width 1400mm
Length 1400mm
Grid None
Weight 75kg
SML 1350 kg
Capacity 1350 litres
Material MDPE


  • Protects the workplace, environment and personnel
  • Designed for most sizes of IBC
  • Maintenance free


  • Compliant with the 110% bund regulations
  • No taps or drainage points to compromise the bund

Safe Storage Basics

Environment Agency Guidelines on storing and using AdBlue

You should make sure that: