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AdBlue Bowsers

standard Open lids Inside the dispenser Optional battery Access caps

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Dual Adblue & Diesel Bowser

About the Dual AdBlue & Diesel Bowser

A fully bunded bowser which has been designed to hold 1000 litre of diesel and 225 litres of AdBlue. Made from high quality mild steel and polyethylene inner tanks. The bowser has been designed to hold a minimum of 110% of the inner tanks. This bunded construction offers integral protection from leakage and overfilling.

Fitting with two 12V dispensing pumps, hoses and automatic triggers which can be accessed from either side of the bowser.

Filling the bowser up done from the front and right hand side of the unit. Each filling point has a 4" male filling cap, contents gauge and fume vent.

  • 1000 Litre Diesel Tank
  • 225 Litre AdBlue Tank
  • Parking brake on front axle
  • 2" Ring Eye coupling
  • Steel mudguards
  • 3 x Hinged access to pumps and nozzles
  • 2 x Auto Shut off Trigger Nozzle
  • Front access to fill up AdBlue

Dual AdBlue & Diesel Bowser

Overall Length 2.85 metres (inc drawbar to rear platform)
Overall Width 1.65 metres (to outside of wheels)
Height 1.4 metres (floor to top of tank)
Tank Length 1.86 metres
Tank Width 1.2 metres
Tank Height 1.0 metres