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525 Litre Black Water Butt Pillar

525 Litre Black Water Butt Pillar

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525 Litre Black Water Butt Pillar


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240.83 ex tax

About the 525 litre water butt

This compact and durable 525 litre mini pillar water butt is guaranteed frostproof and is UK designed and manufactured. Rotationally moulded from fully recyclable MDPE with the latest UV stabilisation package, it is available in a range of colours which will not fade.

The fully removable lid allows less patient gardeners to dunk a watering can or fit a submersible pump. There is also a raised outlet at the front which takes a brass tap should you require one. The bottom outlets enable the tank to be drained completely. Choose a shut off valve with hose connector to attach a garden hose or irrigation hose.

525 Litre Water Butt Dimensions
Height 1100mm
Width 650mm
Length 840mm
Outlet 1" & 1x ¾ BSP
Weight 22kg
Access Lift-off lid
Capacity 525 litres / 115 gal
Material MDPE

Product Overview

  • Fully removable lid for easy watering can access
  • 3/4'' raised brass threaded outlet
  • 2 x 1'' brass threaded outlets V one on each side
  • Available in a variety of colours upon request
  • 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects