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500 Litre Water Tank V1 - Sandstone

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500 Litre Water Tank V1 - Sandstone

Ref: ECO500V1/SS

287.50 ex VAT

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287.50 ex tax

This stylish Ecosure 500 litre water butt is not to be confused with cheaper alternatives available online and in store. It is a premium quality, heavy duty product with a wall thickness of 6-7mm - and is guaranteed frostproof. Because it is manufactured from virgin polymer with the latest UV stabilisation packages, it will not crack in the sun and the colour will not fade either. Its slimline shape means it is more discreet than normal cylindrical butts but holds, on average, twice as much water.

Rainwater is free and kinder to plants, so don't let this precious resource flow down the drain. This water butt is available in a variety of colours to suit location. Just call if you would like colour samples. Make it a feature of your garden by choosing our optional laser cut steel water butt stand - it adds real class too any outdoor space. The Ecosure 500 litre water butt comes with a 9" screw-down vented lid and a 1" BSP threaded brass outlet moulded into the tank. This can be used to attach one of our traditional tapkits, a shut off valve with snap on hose connector, or irrigation hose.

500 Litre Water Tank Dimensions
Height 1010mm
Width 460mm
Length 1250mm
Outlet 1'' BSP
Weight 26kg
Access 9'' Vented lid
Capacity 500 litres / 110 Gal
Material MDPE

Product Overview

  • Space saving slimline design
  • Made from virgin polymer
  • 9'' vented lid as standard
  • 1'' brass threaded outlet moulded into the tank
  • Integral baffles
  • 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects