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4000 Gallon Water Tank

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4000 Gallon Water Tank

Ref: ECO19000BLK

  • Suitable for external commercial or agricultural rainwater harvesting
  • Value for money, high capacity water storage
  • Frost proof; will not crack in the cold
  • Opaque plastic reduces algae growth in sunlight
  • Rotationally moulded for strength and durability
  • 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects

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1910.00 ex tax

Details of 4000 Gallon Water Tank

Perfect for commercial and agricultural usage, this massive 19,000 litre water tank is suitable for non potable water storage

On top of the tank are four possible inlets/outlets for you to connect your pipe work to. This will allow you to connect large pipe our pipe connection places will allow sizes up to 6".

Access into the tank can be made via the 600mm vented lid on the top of the tank; this access can be used for any general maintenance required.

Tank connectors

Please choose from the outlets listed. These will be sent with the tank but not fitted. If you need and advice or have any questions about outlets please call 01763 261781.

19,000 Litre Water Tank Dimensions
Height 3545mm
Diameter 2700mm
Inlet Upto 6"
Outlet Upto 6"
Weight 340kg
Access 600mm
Capacity 19,000 litres / 4179 gallon
Material MDPE

Tank details

  • Made only from tank grade polymer
  • Approximate wall thickness: 6-7mm
  • 24'' screw down lid for easy access
  • 2'' plastic threaded male outlet supplied as standard
  • Accepts 6'' flanged outlets