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30000 Litre Fire Tank System - BSRT

30000 Litre Fire Tank System - BSRT

standard standard standard standard standard standard BSRT fittings BSRT fittings Brass Gate Valve standard standard

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30,000 Litre Water Tank - BSRT

Ref: ECO30000FIRE4

This system includes

  • 2 x 4'' brass male tank connectors
  • 2 x 4'' plastic ball valve
  • 2 x 4'' 90 elbows
  • 1 x 4'' tee piece
  • 1 x 4'' brass gate valve
  • 1 x 4'' BSP male - 4'' BSRT Female
  • 1 x 4'' BSRT blank cap

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5085.65 ex tax

Ecosure Water Tank 15000 Litre

Our Fire Tank Systems with BSRT fittings are ideal to help comply with building or fire regulations to protect employees, buildings and contents. These essential systems ensure there is always an emergency water supply available.

This system includes various BSRT fire fittings. These are ideal for multiple marine and industrial applications.

The water tank included is made from high quality medium density polyethylene. Suitable for outdoor use, it is weather and impact resistant. Each tank can be easily positioned using the pre-moulded lifting eyes. Access can be made through the 24'' lid on top of the tank.

At the top of the tank are four possible in/out lets for you to connect your pipe work to. Allowing you to connect large pipes pipe connection places will allow sizes up to 6".

15,000 Litre Water Tank Dimensions
Height 2900mm
Diameter 2700mm
Inlet Upto 6"
Outlet Upto 6"
Weight 300kg
Access 600mm
Capacity 15,000 litres / 3300 gallon
Material MDPE

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