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280 Litre Green Marble Water Butt

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280 Litre Slimline Water Butt - Green Marble

Ref: ECO280UGM

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170.83 ex tax

280 litre water butt dimensions

Water Butt Dimensions
Height 820mm
Length 1100mm
Width 340mm
Outlet " BSP
Weight 20kg
Capacity 280 litres / 62 gal
Material Polyethylene

Tank variants

The 280 litre is available in many other variants, including standard black, baffled tanks and potable/drinking water storage. We can also manufacture these tank is a varienty of colours to your requirements. This is often a good idea if you're storing different liquids.

We also manufacture the 280 litre as an underground water tank. All these tanks are made from a seamless one piece mould.