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280 Litre Black Water Butt

280 Litre Black Water Butt

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280 Litre Water Butt - Black


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166.67 ex tax

About the 280 litre water butt

This beautiful Ecosure water butt is ultra slimline and a statement piece for your garden. Unlike cheaper alternatives, it is rotationally moulded from UV stabilised polymer (with a wall thickness of 6-7mm) and it is guaranteed frost-proof.

The beautiful laser cut stand is another optional extra, raising up the water butt to allow you to fill a watering can with ease. However, you can raise the water butt up using courses of bricks, concrete blocks or flat railway sleeper. Just remember to ensure that the water butt is supported along its entire length and is on a flat level base.

Water butt dimensions
Height 820mm
Length 1100mm
Width 340mm
Outlet ¾" BSP
Weight 20kg
Lid 9" Screwdown Lid
Capacity 280 litres