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20mm Topaz Part Fill Valve

20mm Topaz Part Fill Valve

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Part Filll valves are intended for use in water storage and rainwater harvesting tanks. The purpose of the float valve is to automatically maintain a low or minimum level of water in the tank during periods of high usage or low rainfall.

How it works

  • The valve is installed through the side wall of a storage tank. It should be mounted above the overflow level of the tank to prevent backflow.
  • As the tank empties the weighted float travels down the cord and sits on the bottom stop to activate the valve.
  • The valve will run until the weighted float lifts clear of the bottom stop.
  • The float will then rise as rainwater fills the tank and falls as the tank water is used.
  • The valve will only function at times when rain fall is insufficient to maintain a water level in the tank above the bottom stop.
  • The use of a flow restrictor before the valve will not cause the valve to malfunction.


  • Ideal for use with all makes and models of rain water harvesting tanks
  • Compact in design
  • Constructed from robust non corroding materials
  • Built ion non return valve
  • Valve can be locked in the off position using the lock off switch
  • Up to 150mm water level differential obtainable (dependant opn pressure)
  • Easy to install and service