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2 x 525L Millstone Grit Kit

2 x 525L Millstone Grit Kit

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2 x 525 Litre Water Butt Millstone Grit - Mini Pillar - FREE Tap Kit, Diverter & Connection Kit

Ref: ECO525X2MG

This SPECIAL OFFER includes:

  • 2 x 525 litre rainwater tanks
  • 1 x Standard downpipe diverter
  • 1 x Brass tap kit
  • 1 x tank connection kit

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480.48 ex tax
Be the envy of your neighbours with our exclusive new 525 litre mini pillar! This stylish and robust water butt combines a compact design with impressively high capacity. Ideal for the serious gardener and available in a range of attractive colours, this UK made butt is robust and frost resistant. It comes with a fully removable lid, great for watering can access and for using a submersible pump. The multiple, high quality moulded brass threaded outlets allow for the connection of a hose, irrigation system or water tap. A perfect all rounder!

The 525 litre mini pillar is our latest addition to the pillar family. With its space-saving footprint and high capacity, it is rapidly becoming a favourite with the serious gardener. Multiple outlets provide multi-butt connection capability. The removable lid provides great access for water cans or submersible pumps.

Made in the UK, this stylish water butt would not look out of place in any location.

525 Litre Water Butt Dimensions
Height 1100mm
Width 650mm
Length 840mm
Outlet 1" & 1x ¾ BSP
Weight 22kg
Access Lift-off lid
Capacity 525 litres / 115 gal
Material MDPE