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15mm Rojo Part Fill Valve

15mm Rojo Part Fill Valve

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RoJo Part Fill is a low flow valve intended for use in rain water harvesting tanks. The purpose of the float valve is to automatically maintain a low level of water in the tank during periods of no or low rainfall. This allows services fed by the tank to continue while leaving capacity in the tank for refilling by the next rain.

How it works

  • The valve is installed through the side wall of a storage tank. It should be mounted above the overflow level of the tank to prevent backflow.
  • As the tank empties the weighted float travels down the cord and sits on the bottom stop to activate the valve.
  • The valve will run until the weighted float lifts clear of the bottom stop.
  • The float will then rise as rainwater fills the tank and falls as the tank water is used.
  • The valve will only function at times when rain fall is insufficient to maintain a water level in the tank above the bottom stop.
  • The use of a flow restrictor before the valve will not cause the valve to malfunction.


  • Ideal for use with all makes and models of rain water harvesting tanks
  • Compatible with trickle flow restrictors
  • Compact
  • Constructed from non corroding materials
  • Built in non return valve
  • Valve can be locked in offposition using the lock offswitch