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1000 Litre water butts

1000 Litre water butts

Designed to sit flush against a wall, the Ecosure D shape 1000 litre water butt combines high capacity water storage with real value for money. Site next to a downpipe, install a diverter and you will be able to collect and store naturally soft, chemical free rainwater to water your garden. You'll soon notice the difference this makes to your plants - and the water is free too. Made from industrial strength MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) this butt will not crack in the frost and the polymer is UV stabilised too.

Easy access is provided by a 16" vented lid, which is also ideal if you are installing a submersible water pump. Modern in design and available in several colours to suit your surroundings, there's a 1" BSP brass threaded outlet moulded into the tank. Use this to attach whatever fittings you require.

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