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100 Gallon WB Water Tank V2 - Black

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100 Gallon WB Water Tank V2 - Black


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283.33 ex VAT

About the 100 Gallon WB Water Tank V2 - Black

This is our ultimate slimline water tank. Made from a strong plastic called polyethylene that is weather resistant and frost resistant.

To make using our slimline water tank even easier, we pre-mould a 1" BSP outlet in to the bottom of the tank which you can attach a brass garden tap. To give you access inside the water tank we cut and attach an 8" screw down vented lid. This can be used to install a submersible water pump or suction pipe.

500 Litre Water Tank Details
Height 930mm
Length 1000mm
Width 630mm
Outlet 1'' BSP
Weight 27kg
Access 9'' vented lid
Capacity 500 litres
Material MDPE