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Guttermate - Rainwater Diverter

Black Guttermate - Rainwater Diverter

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About rainwater colleciton

The only rain water diverter and rain water saver which diverts and filters all the rainwater before it goes in the water butt, the drain or soakaway, and will automatically shut off the flow to the water butt when full.

Standard rain water diverters do not filter the water and block very easily. When blocked it is not an easy job to open up the diverter to clean it out. Rainwater collecting with the Gutter Mate is simple and efficient, no matter if you are saving to a water butt, water tank or a full Rain water Harvesting system.


Key Benefits
  • Keeps you safe, no need to go up the ladder
  • Only 30 seconds to cleaning the filter
  • Saves money, don't have to pay some one to clean your gutters
  • Debris from the guttering is collected in the filter
  • Clear gutters help protect roof joists from wet rot sometimes caused by blocked or full gutters
  • Collects rain water
  • Protects your drains or Soakaway
  • Inspection of the filter possible without dismantling
  • Eliminates the need for the Balloon/bell type strainer in the top of the drainpipe. The major cause of blocked gutters
  • Helps protect roof joists and walls from damp

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