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EcoPillar Water Tank 1275 Litres - Contract

Ref: ECO1275CON

364.50 EX VAT
437.40 INC VAT

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Tap Kit - 15.00
Water  Filter Black Downpipe Connector - 5.99

Water tank features

  • This tank has 3 outlets; pre moulded into the sides of the tank at the bottom are 2 x 1" BSP brass outlet with is perfect for attaching a brass tap or shutt off valve. In the middle of the tank on the front is 1" BSP which is at a height perfect for watering cans.
  • The EcoPillar has deep ribs to give the tank its strength and stability.
  • On top of the water tank is an 8" vented lid which canbe used for inspection or installing a submersible water pump.
  • Durable plastic made 5-6mm thick to ensure a quality product
  • Smooth finish and rounded edges

direct from the manufacturer

About the 1275 Litre EcoPillar
Ecosure have now released their new water tank holding 1275 litres. With the new EcoPillar 1275 you can hold a lot of water in a small footprint. Tough and durable like other Ecosure water tanks, these are resistance against frost.

The Ecosure 1275 ltr water butt has three water draw off points, one is in the middle of the tank allowing enough room to get a water can underneath, the second and third are suitated at the bottom allowing you maximise the water usage.

1275 Litre Water Tank Dimensions
Height 1800mm
Depth 695mm
Width 1130mm
Capacity 1275 Litres
Outlet " / 1" / 1" / 2"
Inlet 8" Lid
Weight empty 70 Kgs

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