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Double IBC Bund c/w Framed Cover


1,600.00 EX VAT
1,920.00 INC VAT

Prices INCLUDE DELIVERY to mainland England. Deliveries to Scotland & Wales please call

  • Can be used to catch drips and leaks
  • Ideal for use under machinery, vehicles and plant
  • Compatible absorbents for safer, more convenient use
  • Useful for storage of small drums and containers
  • Grids to keep containers clear of leaked fluid
  • Removable grids for easy cleaning
  • Economical and lightweight
  • Flexible and economical

  • IBC details

    Dimensions H:2480mm x W:1480mm x L:2300mm
    Capacity 1100 litres

    Storage basics
    • IBC bunds must be sited on a flat, level concrete base
    • Clearly label individual containers with details of what they contain and any hazard they pose;
    • Label storage areas with details of what can be stored in them;
    • Fit warning signs, for example appropriate hazardous substances symbols (pictograms), at access points to dedicated stores;
    • Store different materials separately so they cant mix if theres a leak (its easier to deal with a spill of just one material than a mixture); this may be a legal requirement for some substances - see information from the HSE;
    • Only keep the minimum working quantity of materials on site;
    • Protect storage from extremes in weather whenever possible, for example sunlight, frost;
    • Keep storage areas away, or isolated, from on site drainage, surface waters and groundwater and vehicle routes.

    When can I expect delivery?

    Delivery: 5-7 working days
    Next day delivery available, call for details