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50000 Litre Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting System

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rainwater filterTwin Filter Upgrade

Rainwater Pipe Rainwater Pipe

Partfill Valves

External Tap System

50,000 Litre Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting System

Ref: 50000RWH-AGR

Agricultural System includes

  • 2 x Ecosure rainwater tank
  • 1 x VF1 Combi rainwater filter (for roof areas up to 450 m)
  • 1 x calmed inlet
  • 2 x 110mm Flexseal

5799.00 ex VAT

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rainwater filterTwin Filter Upgrade

Rainwater Pipe Rainwater Pipe

Partfill Valves

External Tap System

5799.00 ex tax

The Ecosure 25,000 litre Rainwater Harvesting Tank is a rainwater harvesting system designed to collect water for Agricultural applications. The system consists of an industrial strength polyethylene tank, complete with filter and calmed inlet. It offers great savings on mains water consumption and can also act as part of a water attenuation system.

Why choose an Ecosure Rainwater Harvesting System?

We are proud to be part of the Made in Britain campaign. Ecosure Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are designed and manufactured at our factory near Cambridge. Made with ease of installation in mind, they combine real quality with excellent value for money. All of our tanks are manufactured from the highest quality tank-grade virgin MDPE. They are rotationally moulded using a one piece mould and come with a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects. The integrated lifting eyes allow for easy manoeuvring and all our tanks are compatible with up to 6" pipe fittings.

The VF1 Combi is suitable for roof areas up to 450m2 and can be installed inside or above the tank. Clean water is directed out of the bottom of the filter, making installation easy. Dirt and debris are washed sideways and can be directed to a soakaway or sewer using 110mm pipe. The Twin Filter is suitable for larger roof areas up to 800m. Due to its two step cleaning system, it has a high level of filtering efficiency, independent of flow rate. The steep inclination of the filter cartridge means dirt is continuously cleaned away into the sewer.

Mains water back up

Fitting a Partfill Valve will ensure that you never run out of water when there is little or no rainfall. The Partfill Valve is a high flow valve which will automatically use mains water to maintain a set level of water in your tank.

External Tap System

This system pumps water from your rainwater storage tank to a wall mounted tap. It is ideal if you need a wash down area. Use it for cleaning equipment, feeding a jet wash, etc. The HydroForce Series 3 is a British made, electronically-controlled, pressure-sensitive, centrifugal roto-dynamic pump with no reciprocating parts. Max head (nominal) 35 metres, pump pressure (nominal) at outlet 3.5 bar, max suction 3 metres. It comes with two-year return-to-base guarantee.

25,000 Litre Water Tank Dimensions
Height 4480mm
Diameter 2700mm
Inlet Upto 6"
Outlet 2" Plastic
Upto 6" BSP Male
Weight 500kg
Access 600mm
Capacity 25,000 litres / 5500 gallon
Material MDPE

About Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting

Water is essential for farming but often is taken for granted. Yet in many parts of England and Wales water resources are already scarce and are likely to become even scarcer as a result of climate change. Rainwater harvesting has economic and environmental benefits.

  • Charges for mains water are expected to rise. Using collected rainwater could reduce this expenditure. Reducing mains water use will also ensure that additional savings can be made on sewage discharge.
  • Harvesting and using rainwater can reduce the quantity of water entering slurry stores, running across fouled yards, or entering dirty water tanks. This can mean a reduction in slurry store size and reduced amounts of dirty water to dispose of, resulting in cost savings.
  • Because rainwater does not contain treatment additives such as chlorine, it is considered to be better for irrigation. It is also better than mains water for spraying some crop protection products.
  • Rainwater harvesting can reduce dependence on rivers and groundwater sources - now under threat from an increasing population. It can also reduce the risk of localised flooding where water from large roof areas is not managed correctly.
  • Some farm assurance schemes actively encourage the use of rainwater harvesting.